I have been reading about the increase of measles and other preventive diseases in children today, and it’s very upsetting. As children, my three brothers and I were required to show proof of having the vaccinations before entering the first year of school. There was a reason for that. It was one of the most profound requirements for children’s health.

What concerns me is the spread of the lack of common sense in parents that will lead the United States back 65 years of children being sick and dying of measles, chicken pox, etc. In theory, this is because parents themselves have never experienced the suffering associated with these diseases. Also, some Mainers fear that vaccinations cause autism or are otherwise harmful, according to the newspaper dated Dec. 30.

My parents did tell us kids about the number of children that died from chicken pox and or measles when they were growing up, and I’m very sure that happened because vaccinations weren’t available.

By the way, all three of my children and seven grandchildren had the shots. I’m so glad my children are healthy and don’t think the way some parents do today.

We need to take our children into the future with a healthier start in life. Maine ranks fifth in the nation for people who opt out of vaccinations for their children. Let’s not strive to be No. 1.

Norman L. Mitchell Sr.


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