Clifford Chafin, PhD, a Hall-Dale High School graduate, recently had his article “Gauge Freedom and Relativity: A Unified Treatment of Electromagnetism, Gravity and the Dirac Field,” published in the January issue of Progress in Physics, an American scientific journal.

Chafin previously collaborated with two other authors on publications. He also is a graduate of Middlebury College, and received his PhD in physics from North Carolina State University. Currently, Chafin tutors students in mathematics and physics in all levels through college. He also is consulting in new business development, particularly in the area of alternative energy, and continuing his research.

He lives in Carrboro, N.C., with his wife, Jill Menard Chafin.

Progress in Physics is a nonprofit academic journal that is issued quarterly. It is registered with the Library of Congress. All articles are peer reviewed. Quarterly issues of the journal are distributed to academic libraries electronically. Copies of the journal and individual papers also are accessible for reading, download, and copying free of charge through direct links to Progress in Physics.

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