Just a suggestion to our governor and House speaker on a way to eliminate the state income tax: We should pass legislation that would outlaw talking on a cellphone while driving and attach a really hefty fine for this infraction.

On Jan. 2, my local representative told me she wouldn’t support this law because it wasn’t enforceable.

We currently have two laws that are difficult to enforce: the seatbelt law and the law prohibiting drinking while driving. Should these be abolished because of the difficulty of enforcement?

There are, as of January 2015, 14 states that prohibit cellphone use while driving, including New York, California, Vermont and New Hampshire. These states obviously believe their law is enforceable and important.

The legalizing of the use of marijuana is on the upcoming legislative agenda; since when is this more important than safe road travel?

Anyone else who feels as I do should ask their legislator to put it on their agenda.

I can’t, or hate to, imagine what our state or country would be like if our roads were filled with drivers on cellphones under the influence of the drug marijuana or worse. As our former governor, the late James Longley, would say: “Think about it.”

David Hayden


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