A Maine woman been arrested for allegedly defrauding a fund for Boston Marathon bombing victims out of thousands of dollars.

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley announced that Amey S. Molloy, 49, of Portland was arrested in Portland on a fugitive warrant charging her with larceny and attempted larceny.

The release said Molloy submitted medical claims for $8,000 to The One Fund Boston and then tried to collect another $12,500, saying she received foot and hip surgery as a result of the marathon bombing attack.

“We allege that this defendant defrauded The One Fund Boston by falsely claiming she had been injured at the Boston Marathon bombing,” Coakley said. “She allegedly stole money from the thousands of people who had so generously donated to help the real victims of the Marathon bombing.”

The fund paid the first request, accompanied by detailed and notarized medical records. When Molloy submitted the second request, managers at the victims fund became suspicious and contacted Coakley’s office, which launched an investigation.

“Subsequent investigation revealed that portions of the medical records attached to Molloy’s first and second claims were not authentic, and that the she was not treated for any bombing-related injuries as indicated in the claims she prepared and submitted,” said the statement from Coakley’s office.

Molloy is currently being held at the Cumberland County Jail pending extradition to Massachusetts.

In May, a New York woman was sentenced to two and a half to three years in prison for collecting a fraudulent $480,000 claim. In June, two brothers were sentenced to three years in prison for attempting to defraud The One Fund out of more than $2 million submitting a false claim on behalf of their dead aunt, the statement said.

A Facebook page under the name Amey Rosewall Molloy makes no reference to attending the marathon or any firsthand observance of the terrorist bombing on the timeline. The timeline does include an angry post by the page’s author about the costs to bury Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the bombers, who died afterwards.

“Hey, I have an idea for Tsarnaev’s family!” she posted on May 6, 2013. “You (your son) hated America enough to kill innocent people in the name of “Your Cause”, ask “them” to pony up the cash to fly his coward corpse out of here!! He doesn’t deserve one speck of dirt our country fought and died for. Beat it!!! NO RIP HERE!!”

She later added on that post: “If you haven’t noticed lately, I’m FED UP with Government and Terrorist’s ruining everything!…If one US dime is spent shipping him out, there may be trouble. This is not a State or Federal issue. Some dude in Boston trying to set up a fund to pay for travel. This should be interesting.”

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