Not to minimize Rick Meres’ concerns pertaining to his own health (Another View, “Column puts lives at risk,” Feb. 4), but there are other considerations that deeply impact family lives because of L.R. 1098.

My first question is who is in control here — the parents or the state? In order to understand the process of insidious encroachment, we need to look at government’s history: That which at first is presented to the people as “good” or maybe even slightly burdensome, soon becomes that which is compulsory. Coming quickly to mind are seat belt laws, federal income tax, airport security measures.

Finally, contrary to Meres’ claim that Kathleen Paul’s concerns regarding vaccines are unfounded, the Centers for Disease Control — on its own Web page — lists several common vaccine additives, many of which are toxic.

Four of my grandchildren have celiac disease, which means that their immune systems already are compromised. Therefore, since potentially dangerous ingredients are added to vaccines, these children would become more susceptible to life-threatening consequences if parental choice is denied or compromised.

The bottom line is this — the risks and benefits of vaccines must be weighed by parents. They make the decision. And they should not be cowed by pressure from the state, nor should they be unduly influenced by self-serving pharmaceutical companies, who make a lot of money from the production of vaccines.

Pat Truman


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