WATERVILLE — A sewage odor that could be detected in several parts of the city Wednesday morning was probably caused by low pressure forcing the odor out of the sewer system through manholes, officials said.

The odor dissipated as soon as the snow stopped and the sun came out in the late morning.

The Waterville Fire Department and Waterville Sewerage District investigated the cause of the odor, which was reported in the area of Cool and Franklin streets, as well as Mathews Avenue.

Waterville fire Captain John Gromek said Wednesday morning that the odor was probably caused by air pressure because of a low pressure weather system forcing the odor out of the sewer system through manholes.

“I think it’s just the weather system,” Gromek said. “Once the weather system moves out, it’ll correct itself.”

Sure enough, the odor disappeared.


“It kind of went away as soon as the sun came out,” Gromek said in the afternoon.

John Jansen, superintendent of Waterville Sewerage District, said crews checked areas where the odor had been reported, including around the CVS store at the corner of Kennedy Memorial Drive and Cool Street and the Kennebec Sanitary Treatment District, but found nothing.

“I think it was truly those atmospheric conditions,” he said later.

Sewage flows are low now and that could be the cause of the odor, according to Jansen, who said it is not uncommon in winter for the odor to be present. He said the district wants to investigate areas where such odors occur. He asked that residents call the district at 873-5191 if they smell something similar.

“If anybody detects something of concern, please call,” Jansen said. “We want to check it out.”

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