I believe our district attorney for Somerset and Kennebec counties does an excellent job, and I am sure the last thing she wants to do is worry that some employee might steal from her department. At the same time, I don’t feel it is fair that those who are paying restitution or paying for services now have to get a money order.

I have never seen how the DA’s office or clerks handles the money, but I think that if I could follow it for three days, I could show them how to do it efficiently to protect the office. It is a matter of checks and balances. It is hard to believe, as it stated in the paper, that sticky notes currently are attached to the money telling who and what it is for.

The office would have to install a register capable of listing the date, time, dollar amount and what docket or reference number is involved. This accounts for the money coming in each day. The register would start with nothing and the office would have to prove out the balance at the end of the day. Also, a sign at that window should say, “Do not leave without a receipt stating what how much you paid and what it was for. If you are not given a receipt, ask for the office manager.”

Just like Gov. Paul LePage says, “You have to run it like a business.”

Dominick Rinaldi Sr.


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