Are you “green”? Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint upon our planet Earth? Are you concerned about global warming and the use of our planet’s fossil fuels to power our future?

My hat is off to the folks who said yes to any of those questions. Those are very high expectations and would take a great sacrifice to achieve, unless, of course, you are just a two-faced pretender who wants to look as if you care but deep down not are willing to give up the good life these goals would force upon you.

I love gasoline and gasoline power equipment. Sure it’s noisy, smells bad and is most likely eating my soul, but I love it. I go out and cut my grass with my gas-powered mower and, in no time, it’s done. I start my truck and, in no time, I’m at work. I go home, where my house is warm and cozy with little effort.

I suspect most people are much the same as I. But this life would not be possible for “greens.” I never want to go back and live life like my father and grandfather. Does that make me a bad person? So be it.

Being “green” and living “green” are just words without the backing of great sacrifice. I see many hybrid trucks and cars, some electric lawn mowers and silly other stuff people use to try and be green, but they simply are not. Their effort is laughable because they could do so much more but choose not to. Why? We all love the easy world we live in.

The choice belongs to each of us. We can be a two-faced pretender or be bad.

Mark Pantermoller, Fairfield

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