Politicians have no place dictating what medical procedures are the best option for people; decisions about health should be a conversation between an individual and his or her doctor.

Politicians have interfered in women’s health by attempting to deny coverage for certain forms of birth control and abortion, and they are now branching out to further marginalize another group of people: those living with substance abuse disorders.

Gov. Paul LePage’s recent scheme to deny coverage of methadone (a safe, legal option for those looking to stop abusing opiates) to people served by MaineCare is cruel and short-sighted. Sure, there is always the potential for abuse of a substance, but methadone has been a life saver for many people.

People who are ready to seek treatment for their opiate addiction, no matter whether they are on MaineCare or private insurance, deserve all the tools possible to quit successfully. What works for one person might not work for another, so having a variety of treatment options available is necessary to ensure people can kick their addiction.

LePage and his administration should give these people a fair shot to live happy, safe, sober lives, and stop placing politics in the middle of decisions that should be made between people and their doctors.

After all, not only is drug abuse hard on individuals and families, drug abuse also is bad for business.

Kalie Hess


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