I was born and raised in Skowhegan. I graduated from Skowhegan High School in 1955.

Space doesn’t permit going into Skowhegan’s history, but if this was possible, one would find that the original settlers had the highest respect for the Indians.

The Indian mascot should be considered an honor. I’ve never heard anyone defame the Indian name. I don’t believe there should be any negative controversy over this issue. I think this is ridiculous.

People who object to the Indian mascot should get a copy of Skowhegan’s history at the library, and then, after carefully reading it, rethink their position of wanting to uproot Skowhegan’s Indian mascot.

I consider this to be a proud heritage and I’m proud to say I’m a native of the home of the Skowhegan Indians.

Glenda (Rowell) Huard


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