In his letter published in the newspaper on March 1 (“Maybe immigrants can help Israel solve problems”), Frank D. Slason perpetuates the myth that “treatment of Palestinians isn’t much better than what happened in World War II to the Jews.”

Nothing could be further than the truth. Palestinians were not rounded up, herded into ghettos, stripped of their possessions and transported to death camps where they were either worked to death as slave laborers or killed immediately upon arrival.

During the Clinton administration, at Camp David, Israel offered the Palestinians 95 percent of their demands, including East Jerusalem. The offer was rejected.

Then came the Oslo Accords, which fell by the wayside when they were violated by the Palestinians.

Israel was subjected to many Palestinian terrorist attacks, which were decreased by the building of a security fence and the establishment of check points.

Israel alone cannot make peace with the Palestinians. Israel unilaterally removed its troops and settlements from Gaza. Its reward was a takeover by the Hezbollah terrorists and the firing of tens of thousands of rockets against civilian targets in Israel.

Yale Marienhoff


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