Somehow or another, a copy of a verbose bill to promote the Labrador retriever to state dog status was brought to my attention.

Several years ago, we endured a contingency of giddy Mainers whooping it up to elevate whoopie pie to state dessert status. Why did I think that silly circus would have dampened designating state status to things beyond flowers and gemstones?

Perhaps I’m being grumpy. So allow me to join the current fun by nominating your dog for state dog status. The one that’s perhaps right there at your feet if you read the newspaper at home, as I do. People who don’t have a dog could nominate their neighbor’s dog.

We have a golden retriever. Every day I reassure her, “You’re the best, Dublin.”

There’s an old adage: If you want to know who loves you, put your wife (or husband) and dog in the trunk. Drive around the block three times. Open the trunk, and see who’s happy to see you.

As we move ever so gradually toward spring, may I propose that everyone — including legislators — treat all dogs as if they were the state dog. Everyone’s been cooped up this wicked winter. Reward yourself and your state dog with a longer walk. An extra treat. A ride to the store with all the windows down. Lie down on the floor and administer a hearty belly-rub to an animal that would — without hesitation — lay down its life for you.

How ’bout we nominate for state dog (or cat) every animal currently residing at the local animal shelter by fetching your checkbook and making a small (or large) donation. There now … how’s that feel?

Buddy Doyle


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