My husband and I are both disabled, are younger than 65 and live on a fixed income. My husband’s Social Security Disability, which is $1,580 per month, is our only income. Our property taxes keep going up every year. We can barely afford our utilities.

Gov. Paul LePage says he plans to double the homestead exemption for seniors, because they are on a fixed income. Other people, such as the disabled and veterans, also are on fixed incomes and do not pay income tax.

LePage has not explained how this group of people would benefit from not having income tax. Yet we will all be forced to pay higher property taxes to support those who will get an income tax break.

It sounds like LePage is helping the rich save a few dollars on the backs of the poor.

There is nothing left for us to cut back on except food and heat. With LePage’s plan, we will lose our home.

Christine H. Gavitt


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