We need a KIS (keep it simple) Tax. We need to eliminate all the special interests and proceed with a fiscal tax policy that treats all people equally.

To that end, I propose a general excise tax of 3 percent placed upon gross revenues of all business activities within the state. The accounting is simple and equal, placed upon anyone doing business. This would eliminates all other state taxes upon residents and funds the government 100 percent.

If we really want to expand the economy, we need to rid ourselves of income and sales taxes.

Maine’s motto is “Dirigo,” meaning “I Lead,” but to where?

It used to be we were fined for committing a “bad act.” Now we are fined for “failing to commit a bad act,” such as buying health insurance.

While the U.S. currency is in its death throes, and our government prints an astronomical amount of currency to fund this and other social programs, instead of inflation we have a deflationary spiral.


As the rest of the world starts to print more paper currency to rid the deflationary cycle, an inflation tax of 1,000 percent is a short ways away, and we should prepare with a fiscal policy that anticipates the future.

In 1963, upon my Dutch grandmother’s death, her safe was packed with billions of pre-World War I German marks. They were worth more as firewood than money.

Bruce Clark


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