I would like people to know more about the Tech Spot at the old jail in Skowhegan, where the new grist mill is, across the hall from Happy Knits.

Tech Spot is a high school and community space, a place where students gather to use computers and also to help people develop their computer skills.

I am a professional artist. Seven years ago, a young friend helped me set up my original website. I am 67 years old and never learned about computers. My young friend then moved to Nashville, and I was unable to change the website myself. I couldn’t put any new paintings on or take off the ones that had sold.

This winter, I started going to the Tech Spot, which is open from 5-7 p.m. Tuesdays and Wednesdays. With the help of a student named Micah and the adult advisers, who are volunteers, I was able to get into my old website. They patiently showed me how to edit it and how to add new pages.

They also helped me a lot with Facebook, showing me how to set up a personal page and a business page and how to link it to my website. I am now in the process of rebuilding my old website on my own and will publish the new version soon.

I hope that others will go to the Tech Spot. It is a wonderful example of the high school and the business community working together to help people in a positive way. All people have to do is show up. If they don’t have the answers you are looking for at first, they will find them.

The Tech Spot has computers available for use, as well as Wi-Fi, for people who want to take their laptops.

Milton Christianson


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