What goes around, comes around.

If memory serves me correctly, before Waterville’s urban renewal projects of the 1960s, there was a rotary where the Colby planners, looking at facilitating foot traffic in the downtown area, now suggest that “a roundabout-type intersection” be constructed.

If this option becomes a reality, I would like to suggest that the design not be as confusing (and, in my opinion, as dangerous) as the rotary/roundabout at Exit 113 in Augusta that directs traffic to Interstate 93, the hospital, the cancer center, and Route 3.

Additionally, I suggest that the 1997 “Ticonic,” which hinders the smooth flow of traffic in the Concourse, be relocated to the green center in the roundabout, where it would be a truly welcoming beacon to Waterville.

Priscilla A. Doel


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