Mascot is defined as a person, animal or object thought to bring good luck by its presence.

I started out as a Skowhegan Indian and then became an University of Maine Black Bear. From there I became an East Grand Viking as high school principal and ended up as a Winslow Black Raider as its principal.

Though I left the university, East Grand and Winslow, I never have felt detached from Skowhegan. I consider the Indian mascot as an acknowledgement of honor, bravery, intelligence and survival in the face of overwhelming odds.

Where would be be without the support and guidance of the local Indians who helped the first Europeans survive the rigors of New England existence? I have never heard anyone ascribe anything less than positive attributes to the Indians represented by the Skowhegan mascot. I wish the mural on the interior wall of the old Depositors Trust building on Water Street could be seen by everyone today. “A Place To Watch” is a great tribute to the Skowhegan Indian.

No black bear is ever going to complain about being used as a mascot. The descendants of Lief Erikson have never questioned the appropriateness of all those gold balls in the trophy case in Danforth being won by Vikings. If there is a black raider anywhere who feels degraded by being associated with Winslow, please call me.

As a Skowhegan Indian, I am looking forward to my 60th reunion next year, and I hope there will be Skowhegan Indians for years to come.

George Davis


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