It was refreshing to read the March 7 Maine Compass, “Clean Elections Initiative would restore funding, strengthen disclosure laws,” by Peter Garrett and John Bradford, two volunteers for the Clean Elections Initiative.

They have written a thought-provoking article about the ills of money in our politics, and the real value and meaning of our First Amendment right to free speech.

Best of all, they have taken their own worry about the direction of our country and our state and channeled it into action. Both already helped with the collection of 80,000 signatures to put a new campaign finance measure on the ballot. Both have pledged to stay involved throughout the campaign to pass the initiative at the polls in November.

I often find myself discouraged about the state of our democracy. But seeing these two Mainers who don’t even share a party affiliation stand up for what they believe is very inspiring. Mainers from across the political spectrum are working together to make our democracy stronger. It gives me hope.

Joseph Shagoury


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