On March 13, I was surprised to receive the Brian Rines Community Service Award at the annual celebration of volunteerism in Gardiner, where Brian lived and worked for most of his life.

Brian and his family always put a very high value on giving back to the community, and about 18 nonprofits were represented at the event. This is the second year the award has been presented.

Whatever I have given since moving to the Gardiner area in 1978, I have received tenfold in return. The adage, “It takes a village,” is truer now than ever before.

All the gadgets we have to make our lives more convenient and connected will never take the place of a smile or a willing hand to pitch in and help. We are a society that needs one another, and each one of us has something to share to make our world a better place. I want to thank Gardiner for allowing me to pay it forward.

Maggie Smith


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