Back in 1970, I was arrested for forgery, which is a felony even though I was 17. That took away my right to have possession of a firearm.

I still went to prison in 1973 for armed robbery and again in 1977 for armed robbery. Anybody, felon or not, can find a firearm somehow.

Thanks to a free 12-step program that I chose as my personal rehabilitation, I haven’t had a drink or a drug in almost nine years. I made a mistake when I said the Department of Corrections wasn’t responsible for my rehabilitation — they do have a lot available but I didn’t want it.

I got my GED in January of 1974 and that’s it. They can’t force someone to be honest or to stop drinking or doing drugs. Anybody has to want to be clean and sober and honest.

Today, my life isn’t perfect but I’m healthy, free from drugs and booze for almost nine years, cigarettes three years, and jails almost nine years. A lot to be grateful for!

Andre Beaudoin


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