AUGUSTA — Only the strongest will survive when the Central Maine Strongman returns to the Augusta Armory on Saturday.

This is the eighth year of the competition, which tests the physical and mental strength of men and women of varying weight and experience levels in five demanding events.

Events include: the press medley — which features a steel log, axle, keg and half Atlas stone — Conan’s wheel, dead lift medley and a farmers, keg and sand bag carry medley.

Competitors will also be throwing the Atlas stone for height, a unique event organizer Dana Geneseo introduced this year. It asks participants to load the bulky spheres to increasing heights — starting at 44 inches, with the height increasing at four-inch intervals — using weights ranging from 125 to 400 pounds depending upon class — until there is a winner.

“It’s a different way of doing it,” he said. “I personally think the Atlas stone is really the signature Strongman event and the most fun to watch.”

Geneseo expects about 30 entries competing in men’s and women’s novice, teen, women’s open, under 175-pounds, 176-200 pound, 201-231 pounds and 232-pound and over. Trophies are awarded for the top three finishers in each class.

Entries will be accepted through Saturday, with a limit of 45 entries. Entry fee is $60. All contestants must be members of North American Strongman Inc.

Admission is $5 for spectators. Proceeds benefit the Kennebec Cannons Youth Lacrosse Team. Competition starts at 9:30 a.m.

Randy Whitehouse — 621-5638

[email protected]

Twitter: @RAWmaterial33

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