For several days, I watched the major TV network “news” casters talk for more than an hour about the Florida mailman who flew a gyrocopter onto the Capitol lawn with more than 500 letters addressed to Congress and the president.

Of those 60 minutes or so, those pundits spoke about our national security for 55 minutes. They spoke for four minutes about how the guy did it, including his warning that he was going to do it. Those so-called reporters spoke only about one minute about the reason the mailman landed on the Capitol lawn in the first place.

Again, television news fails to deliver the true story of what’s really important: The reason for landing in the high-security area. The mailman’s message was clear. Many Americans are sick and tired of seeing big money running politics. We have politicians who are supposed to be representing us and they are not. Those very people we elect to watch our backs are skillfully steered into office by corporate and special interest money. Because it was corporate money (in the billions) that put those politicians in office, those very same politicians work, not for us, but for the money that bought their office for them.

Until we get the whole truth from the very people who are well paid to get us the real news, we shall continue on our downward spiral. It does look, though, like the reporters and the politicians are working for the same boss: corporate money. If we do not fix this problem, the subject of national security will be moot. Our real security is the truth, and the whole truth.

Peter P. Sirois


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