MOSCOW — Russia’s space agency on Wednesday admitted that an unmanned spaceship with supplies for the International Space Station was lost and would fall back to Earth.

“Different options of its submergence (in the ocean) are now being worked out,” the agency’s director Igor Komarov said, Russian news agencies reported.

The Progress spacecraft was left circling in an orbit too high for the ISS after a rocket failure Tuesday. Attempts by the Russian space agency, Roscosmos, failed   to correct the vessel’s orbit Wednesday because of a glitch in its communications systems.

However, Komarov claimed  the vessel could be maneuvered in its present orbit and that Roscosmos would control where it will fall back to Earth.

Volker Schmid, an expert from Germany’s space agency DLR, allayed fears that falling debris might pose a risk to people.

“Past experience shows that the spacecraft will burn up when it re-enters (the atmosphere),” he said.

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