I grew up in Skowhegan and graduated Skowhegan High School and from Bloomfield Academy in the class of 1957. During those years, it was an honor to be a Skowhegan Indian fan. I am insulted that anyone would think my pride in using Skowhegan Indians was, and is, anything more than that.

Maybe some of your readers would like to research how President Harry Truman defined political correctness in correspondence with Gen. Douglas MacArthur. I, for one, am sick to death of political correctness and tend to like his definition.

Why don’t we change the name of Skowhegan to Bloomfield. Bloomfield gives me a beautiful visual image of fields full of blooming wild flowers. Our teams could be called the Bloomfield Bloomers. Now that would draw some attention, wouldn’t it?

Judith Bossie


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