No one should ever be given special rights to commit the crime of discrimination against Americans for any reason, including religion. Our Founding Fathers warned us that this source of dishonorable despotism was liable to attack American liberties. The Bible and Christianity are directly responsible for why America has failed to live up to its own modern constitutional freedoms so many times in the past.

They are utterly based on ancient Middle East despotism and monarchy, which is why the Christian Loyalists fought against the Continentals and independence. Thankfully, they failed and the United States became a constitutional country.

Another one of the many examples is the fact that a Bible-supported tradition of slavery was the root cause of the Civil War, in which Christians started a traitorous war against America to continue brutalizing a race of humanity. It was never just about states’ rights, as is typically depicted.

The intent of religious restoration laws is not innocent like the way right-wing propagandists misrepresent it to the public. They are fully intended to be used to commit the crime of discrimination, until opposition to them has, in most cases, forced them to change.

Discrimination is false guilt and real punishment outside of the justice system. No trial for the accused, no evidence, no jury, no justice for innocent Americans vulnerable to victimization by seditious fanatics.

The domestic enemy is once again attacking our modern constitutional freedoms and our little chickadees, too.

Terry E. Libby


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