A Waterville man has been ordered to serve 21 months in prison after violating conditions of probation imposed after a conviction for gross sexual assault in 2007, according to the Waldo County District Attorney’s Office.

Joshua Petterson, 37, was sentenced to 10 years in prison with all but 42 months suspended and eight years of probation in January 2007 in Waldo County Court, said Bill Entwifle, an assistant district attorney in Waldo County.

Petterson was summoned by police in January after failing to pay supervision fees and failing to comply with court-ordered sex-offender counseling to the court’s satisfaction, Entwifle said.

He also was arrested in March after the Department of Health and Human Services reported that he had contact with girls under the age of 16, including his 2-year-old daughter, Entwifle said. As conditions of his probation, Petterson was not allowed to have contact with girls under the age of 16.

Authorities found him at a residence in Benton with two girls under the age of 16, one of whom was his daughter, Entwifle said, although there were no allegations of any wrongdoing involving the girls.

“There was no allegation of untoward conduct,” Entwifle said. “He was just there in their presence.”

Petterson was sentenced to 21 months in prison in late April and is still incarcerated, Entwifle said.

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