SOUTH PORTLAND — Dan Foley’s odds of winning “Survivor” keep getting better.

The 48-year-old postal worker from Gorham survived the 12th episode of the season Wednesday night. He’s now one of just six people left competing for the show’s $1 million prize.

He came very close to being voted off on Wednesday’s episode. He was viewed as a threat when competitors saw he had purchased an “advantage” as part of the show. The advantage was a piece of paper giving him an extra vote at tribal council. He paid $480 for it.

But when it came time to vote at tribal council Wednesday, the “Survivor” castaways saw Tyler Fredrickson, 33, as a bigger threat than Foley and voted him off. Fredrickson was seen as a threat because he is physically fit and capable of winning immunity challenges, which usually test strength and endurance. Foley, who calls himself “a fat guy,” was not seen in the same light.

Foley watched Wednesday’s episode with about 300 fans and friends cheering him on at a standing-room-only Thatcher’s Restaurant in South Portland. When the show was done, Foley grabbed a microphone and addressed the crowd.

“A man with a one-in-six chance of winning a million dollars,” he said to loud cheers.

This season’s episodes began airing Feb. 25 with 18 competitors. Most of the episodes were filmed in Nicaragua over 39 days last August and September. Usually, the location filming ends with three finalists, who then have to wait for the live final episode for a winner to be crowned.

The next episode of “Survivor” will air May 13. The finale will air May 20.

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