We in central Maine do not need John Frary’s narrow, negative attitude published as a commentary in our newspaper (“President leaps out of the closet into crowd of indignant hate-haters,” April 26).

I hope Frary is not paid for this garbage. The new president of Colby and his family are a welcome presence in the city. David Greene attends numerous events at Colby to which we area seniors are welcomed to attend free.

Colby College is a huge asset to the Waterville area, with students volunteering in the local schools, at the Alfond Youth Center and assisting other nonprofits in our area.

I have been annoyed at Frary’s articles before, and wish the newspaper would replace him with writers who have a more positive attitude. Life is too short to read and be annoyed by his narrow attitude of life. My sympathy to past students of his. He should retire from writing for the newspaper, also.

Marilyn Hall


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