I have been a resident and taxpayer and have known Claudia Viles for 35 years. She is a friendly and compassionate person who has been an excellent tax collector for 42 years. In her job, she is accurate, level-headed, patient, diligent and professional.

There are two sides to every story, and here is a side of Claudia many people probably don’t know. For years, she has been a Secret Santa at Christmastime, leaving a gift at the doors of families having a struggle. Then she rings the doorbell or knocks and leaves before the door is opened.

Claudia is the one to call if people need something notarized, someone to perform a marriage or an explanation for a tax bill. If someone can’t make it to the town office when it is open, they can call Claudia.

Here are some questions that need answers: Is there a chance someone else had access to the missing money? Is there a chance that a computer glitch happened with the new program introduced by the new administrative assistant? Is it illegal for residents to have cash on their private properties? I think we all know the answer to that one.

In her personal and professional life, Claudia has been there for the residents of Anson for 42 years. So I urge the residents of Anson to lend Claudia the support that she has given us for so long. Let Claudia know that we care.

Derek A. Oliver

North Anson

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