Gov. Paul LePage needs a civics lesson; he seems to think the three branches of government are me, myself and I.

Our governor has decided to again hold voter-approved bonds hostage in order to get the Legislature to give him something he wants. Not only is he creating another unnecessary crisis but by doing this he shows great disrespect for the residents of Maine who voted for those bonds.

More than 30 already approved land preservation projects are jeopardized by this latest Blaine House drama. Adding insult to injury, LePage promised to release these same bonds during the stand-off about paying Maine’s hospitals. Now time is running out for some of these projects.

Sen. Roger Katz, of Augusta, a fellow Republican, was correct to say, “No one, including a governor, ought to have the right to be able to veto what the citizens of Maine do at the ballot box.” Katz has proposed legislation that would allow the governor to delay bonds when there are reasonable concerns related to the bonds themselves, but not for political hostage taking.

I urge others to call or email the governor’s office, their state senator and representative to let them know that voter-approved bonds are not to be used for leverage in State House political disputes.

Alan Tibbetts


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