Historically, in the United States, United Kingdom and other nations legally created corporations are subordinate to the laws, rules and regulations of the creating nation.

Changing the head quarters of a corporation from one nation to another means that the corporation now is responsible to the rules and regulations of its “new home” nation.

For instance, when a large U.S.-created corporation “is sold to” a small Canadian corporation, that combination is now subordinate to the Dominion of Canada, and must abide by Canadian laws, rules and regulations.

Any nation, including the United States, that accepts the Trans Pacific Partnership also accepts being subordinate to, and governed by, the rules and regulations established by the organization formed by the founders of the TPP.

Since TPP has no national founder, the founding corporations can create any rules or regulations that exclusively benefit the corporate founders and the successors. The owners of the founding corporations can entirely ignore the human rights of the poor and the workers and the laws, rules and regulations that are meant to support all the 100 percent.

What will the United States joining the TPP treaty mean for us, the 98 percent? Being subservient to the rules and regulations of the TPP organization makes our laws, rules and regulations subject to being thrown out by that organization. If our own laws, rules and regulations can be ignored by some treaty authorized authority outside of our country, we will have lost our right to be self-governing.

From the Boston massacre through the War Between the States to defeating Hitler and Tojo we have lost too much blood and treasure to give up this right. I urge others to make sure their U.S. senators and representative hear about the opposition to this trade agreement.

Darwin Hatheway


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