Food is medicine for sick and ailing bodies. When it is high quality, food keeps us healthy and helps us naturally resist diseases and aging.

Who gets to determine what is healthy food? This is a right that belongs to each individual. Highly processed, chemically adulterated, pesticide containing and genetically modified foods are not healthy for anyone. These types of foods (along with vaccines) are causing the epidemic of modern illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, developmental disabilities experienced by our children, and brain dysfunctions experienced by seniors.

I reserve the right to choose what I and my family put in our bodies. I ask that our legislators guarantee Mainers a legal right to food sovereignty. No one should interfere with the most fundamental right of life, which is to determine the type and quality of food that we consume.

Government should not have a role in regulating food. The more that government regulates food, the more the principle of food sovereignty erodes. The truth is that major processed food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and the federal government desire us to eat inferior, addictive and life-harming food, because it builds up the profit margin for major corporations.

I ask the Legislature to make it clear that Maine is dedicated to preserving the right of individuals to consume the food of our choice without governmental interference. Please vote in favor of L.D. 783, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Establish a Right to Food in Maine.

John P. Thomas


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