On May 5, the newspaper published an article stating that the Israelis caused “massive damage and large numbers of civilian deaths during the 2014 fighting in the Gaza Strip.” The article was based on a report issued by an organization known as Breaking the Silence.

William Booth, Jerusalem bureau chief, for The Washington Post, said “the testimonies in the report are anonymous and impossible to verify.” NGO-Monitor, a publication based in Jerusalem, said that, “As with many other Breaking the Silence publications, the report lacks all credibility and objectivity.”

U.S. Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint chiefs of Staff, noted that the Israelis went out of their way to minimize civilian casualties during the 2014 fighting in the Gaza Strip. The Pentagon sent a “lessons learned” mission to Israel to study such efforts.

The neighborhoods destroyed in the fighting were usually areas used by Hamas and other terrorist groups as bases, shelters, arsenals, rocket launch pads and entry points for infiltration tunnels — often were within a few kilometers of Israel, and constituted approximately 5 percent of the area of the Gaza Strip.

Yale Marienhoff


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