I have been pondering the issue of “What’s in a name?” — the Indian mascot and name of the Skowhegan High School — for some time. I can understand the views and heartfelt emotion of both sides, but I have come to believe it is time to change the name.

We whites speak about how it is our tradition of the school, and how we show our respect and pride of Native Americans through the Indian mascot.

But what about centuries-long traditions of the Native Americans we say we so respect and honoring? So many of them do not want this any longer. If we desire to honor them, why don’t we change the name, and truly honor who they are and their traditions?

There is no pleasure nor true benefit for me, nor I would think anyone, in having such a name at the expense of another person’s disdain and hurt. I hope the school reconsiders this. Let us be respectful of each other as we discuss this.

Sally Foster


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