As a fairly new (five years) resident of Readfield, I attended the recent “meet the candidates night” and found it interesting and informative.

I, along with the rest of the audience, witnessed a tense exchange between a resident and a candidate during the question-and-answer period. I was shocked that any candidate in such a forum would be so explosive and harsh toward a resident and his question.

This harsh response concerns me greatly. I know that many of the candidates and politically involved residents in Readfield have exceptional abilities and intelligence. Voters must make an educated choice. My expectation of leaders or potential leaders is that they conduct themselves properly while serving the public and that they treat the residents, the employees of the town and all contacts they have within their role with dignity and respect. Harshness and insulting words, tone or facial expressions are simply not acceptable, in my humble view.

Unfortunately it seems that politics sometimes brings out the worst in a person. I would encourage all political candidates and select board members to reflect on their words, thoughts, opinions, actions and initiatives, and to take any opportunities that may occur to rise to the highest level of professional, ethical and political conduct.

I encourage Readfield residents to attend select board meetings or watch meetings on television. Residents must educate themselves about each candidate and become involved in this election by making responsible choices at the polls on June 9. This election is incredibly important to the residents and future of Readfield.

Kim Whitman


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