Veterans everywhere in Maine should have received a note from their town or city tax collector letting them know that, after all these years of having been granted a small veterans exemption on our real estate taxes, we now have to re-establish our eligibility. It’s bad enough to even be sent a letter but to enclose a two-page questionnaire — somewhat infringing on our privacy — begs the following questions, which were not explained.

Who is responsible for this new update? Tax collector? Assessor? Governor? I doubt it was implemented by the U.S. Department of Defense, so who did it?

Yes, I’m an old veteran and can’t imagine anyone falsifying his/her name on a document proclaiming to be a veteran. Or am I so outdated that towns and cities in this new era believe people would do such a thing?

I have been shocked to have read that some people not only lied about their service, but even claimed to have received the Medal of Honor, and not suffer any repercussions. That’s sad, but true. I hope this letter gets some answers.

Frank D. Slason


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