I am appalled when I read about residents in well-to-do neighborhoods complaining about trash bag fees.

These people should be responsible and creative to just reduce their trash. Some suggestions:

• Refuse to purchase anything that can’t be recycled.

• Do not accept takeout containers made of plastic foam; ask businesses to use only recyclable containers.

• I understand Colby food waste is recycled at Casella in Unity. Get other establishments to join in.

Isn’t the city budget important? What do people want cut to make up for the money saved with recycling? Or would they prefer to increase the tax rate more? They should think about contributing to the health of our environment and the earth for future generations.

We all need to be part. Let’s use the money for trash bags as an incentive to recycle. If the concept is unacceptable, maybe they can come up with something better.

Louise Alley


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