WALES — Oak Hill High School graduation is set for 7 p.m. Monday, June 8, at the Augusta Civic Center.

Class of 2015

Iris Abbott, Joshua Akers, Joshua Ames, Matthew Arnold, Cameron Ayres, Jacob Bannister, Brittany Bays, Cheyenne Beard, Syenna Bennett, Abigail Bossie, Charlie Buzzell.

Jacob Cavallaro, Nicholas Cavallaro, Logan Childs, Cassi Coulombe, Meagan Crosby, Haileigh Cummings, Jordan Cutliffe, Amber Cyr.

Kylie Deschene Stewart, Nicole Demers, Abbey Dodge, Justin Dostie, Kaitlyn Doyle, Austin Dube, Ashlee Ewing, Kyle Field, Kyle Flaherty, Anthony Fournier, Autumn Frechette.

Drew Gamage, Alisha Giandrea, Matthew Gilbert, Brandon Gosselin, Sadie Goulet, Heather Hannigan, Johnathon Harper, Kitaira Harvey, Amber Higgins, Michaela Hilb, Brianna Ivy.

Brittany Karkos, Samson Lacroix, Hannah Lelansky, Alexander Mace, Brianna Madden, Hayley Marshall, Courtney Martin, Matthew Martin, Joseph McGeoghegan, Adam Merrill, Chad Merrill, Kyle Michaud, Tyler Mills, Joseph Moore, Victoria Morris.

Trever Norris, Ryan Pare, Tyler Parent, Michael Pease, Amber Pelletier, Gage Pessant, Brandon Pomerleau, Toni Pushard-Hart, Brooke Ritchie, Nathan Rosenshein, Lindsay Rossi, Courtney Roy.

Danielle Samson, Matthew Shedd, Frank Smith III, Seth Steckino, Kaleb Sturtevant, Thomas Taylor, Kyle Tervo, Andrew Therrien, Joshua Thomas, Abigail Thompson, Siera Tibbetts, Haley Tuttle.

Kayla Veilleux, Kody Voisine, Emma Weissenfels, Jonathan Williamson, Emily Woodcock and Vannessa Wright.

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