It has been just over a decade since my grandfather passed away. As a veteran of World War II, he was always very proud of his service and kept a trunk of pictures and old souvenirs from those days in his life.

I still keep Grampy’s medals from the war in a place of honor in my home and enjoy telling my kids about them whenever they ask why they are there. They serve as a reminder of the general sacrifices our men and women have made throughout our history to protect our freedom, as well as the specific acts our loved ones committed to aid the cause.

Having just celebrated Memorial Day, it was a solemn, yet great pleasure, to visit Grampy at the Maine Veterans Cemetery and see all the flags flying on each and every soldier’s grave. We should all be thankful for the work that is performed at the cemetery to maintain the honor this place holds for many, and I know our veterans would be proud to take the drive through the flags to their final resting place. My grandfather certainly would have.

I can just imagine every soldier standing at attention every time I hear the chimes ring out. I want to express my appreciation to all who make this happen for our veterans and their families.

Jeremy Pare


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