A revised mining bill (L.D. 750) will soon come before the Legislature for a vote.

I urge all concerned Mainers to contact their legislators and ask them to vote against this dangerous bill.

This bill was crafted to favor J. D. Irving Ltd., and not to protect of Maine’s environment.

L.D. 750, as amended, allows open pit mining with tailings ponds for treatment and storage of waste. This is a 100-year-old, high-risk technology that is a recipe for disaster where sulfide deposits occur, the kind of deposits in Maine.

There is no mining expertise in Maine. Mining engineering consultants were not contacted for advice about new technologies for mining in this environment. Modern mines using old technology still are causing major environmental disasters. This happened in Canada last year when a tailings dam failed and toxic waste was released into pristine waters. We can’t let that happen in Maine.

Reputable mining companies worldwide are embracing the best available technology and moving away from open pit mining and tailings ponds.


Unfortunately the public does not trust the Department of Environmental Protection under this administration to protect the environment.

We must prohibit open pit mining and tailings ponds in Maine. Maine’s clean water and other natural resources must be protected for future generations.

Dave Wood


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