Gov. Paul LePage has announced that he is going to start a statewide initiative to have the voters of Maine decide whether to lower the state income tax.

What a great idea — let the voters decide issues during elections, like we decided to put him back in office for four more years (how I will never figure out).

And just like we decided to spend money on some bonds to purchase land for the state of Maine to protect forever, and now that he will not sign because he’s not getting his way.

Just like the kid at the playground who doesn’t get his way in kickball and leaves with the ball.

So now he’s not getting his way with the Legislature, and more specifically, the Democrats, he wants the people of Maine to vote on something he wants and the people we voted for in the Legislature do not want.

He has made this one easy to point out and to further prove the kind of man he is.

One last thing: LePage recently said 1.3 million people in the state voted for him. He received 40 percent of the vote of the 1.3 million population of Maine in the last election; that would be only 520,000 if all the residents were legal voting age, which they are not.

Dennis Dacus


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