How do we not support the newly proposed School Administrative District 49 budget?

Our schools are being asked to provide a free and appropriate education to every child in Fairfield, Benton, Clinton and Albion, an education that will be the foundation for the future adults of our communities.

Our schools are expected to build character in our children, offer athletics, drama, band, art, music, access to updated technology, libraries, access to nurses, and access to breakfast and lunch; house before and after school activities; provide safe and secure physical environments; have safe buses and attract and keep highly qualified teachers.

How can we not support the newly proposed MSAD 49 budget that will, if you live in Fairfield and own a home assessed at $100,000, cost you an extra $110 a year, or roughly $2.12 a week?

We must support the budget at this time. Though there are always ways to look at lowering costs, this is not the time because we are at the end of the process not the beginning. Speak to your school board representatives if you are not happy with their decisions and get involved at the beginning and make a difference.

But now is not that time. Now is the time for us to come together as a community to give the children of the district the foundation they need to become thriving productive citizens.

I hope you will vote yes at the district budget meeting June 11 and then vote yes in your towns on June 16. We have to support the budget now. The kids are depending on you.

Elayne Richard


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