An Augusta man is facing charges after reportedly bursting into a Washington Street family’s apartment in search of an alleged drug dealer named Cheese.

Michael Louis Williams, 24, was being held Wednesday at the Kennebec County jail on charges of criminal trespassing and violating conditions of release after he allegedly entered the apartment occupied by a mother and her three children while carrying a stick in search of a man Williams identified as Cheese, according to an affidavit filed in court by Augusta police Officer Kyle Sheridan.

“Oh, sorry, sorry, wrong house,” Williams reportedly said before leaving the apartment. “I was looking for Cheese.”

Sheridan was sent to 37 Washington St. around 10:15 p.m. Monday in response to a report of a man, possibly carrying a baseball bat, creating a disturbance. Williams, who was in a vehicle backing out of the apartment building’s driveway when Sheridan arrived, said he was visiting friends. Williams was with his girlfriend, Maria Carrion.

But the woman who called police, who lives in the building with her three children, said a man walked into her apartment and went into her bedroom and that of her son, looking for someone named Cheese. The woman, who later identified Williams as the man who entered the apartment, said he was carrying a stick. The apartment door had been closed but was not locked.

The woman said Williams “was extremely animated and was acting in an aggressive manner, consistent with someone looking for a physical confrontation,” Sheridan wrote.


The woman’s 16-year-old son told Sheridan that he was in bed in his bedroom when Williams burst in, asking for Cheese. Another child, a 14-year-old girl, was watching television with her baby brother when Williams came in.

Williams left the apartment and went upstairs to another apartment, Sheridan wrote. The woman could hear him upstairs.

“She could hear him pounding and yelling, ‘Where’s Cheese? I want Cheese!’ on another apartment door,” Sheridan wrote.

Williams left when the upstairs resident threatened to call police. The woman, who was in the apartment with her children, said one of the bangs on the door was so loud she believed it was a gunshot, Sheridan wrote. The woman and her daughters were “terrified,” Sheridan wrote.

Neither of the mothers ever had met Williams or Carrion and neither had ever heard of a man named Cheese, Sheridan wrote.

Williams left the building and began screaming outside in his quest to find Cheese, Sheridan wrote.


Williams, who originally said he went to the apartment to visit friends, later acknowledged knocking on a wrong door. He said he never went into an apartment.

“While speaking with Michael I could detect a strong odor of intoxicating beverages,” Sheridan wrote. “Michael told me he had been drinking tonight.”

Williams said Cheese is a narcotics dealer and that Carrion had taken their children to his apartment. Sheridan said Cheese is the street name of a man known to Augusta police.

“Michael advised that he was currently on conditions of release because he had his son at a residence in which a narcotics warrant was served,” Sheridan wrote. “Michael did not want his children in a dealer’s residence.”

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