I glanced at the article, “Physician, hospital, agency being sued” (June 6) and was glad to read that the doctor, who worked here only two months, was denied a license in Maine.

What dismayed me somewhat was the rest of the article. I felt I was in the checkout line at the supermarket looking at all those useless magazines of inappropriate lifestyles of the rich and famous.

The article, however, included much unnecessary information. I have had the feeling for some time that your writers get paid by words, not value to the public.

Now if you really want to be of some value drive by the armory in Waterville and look at all the light brown vehicles parked there. What are they for, to protect us from Canada? They no doubt became unnecessary at another location and were sent here so that the Defense Department could order bigger and better vehicles.

I recently read an article about a super air fighter that was tumbling along in the building process. Tremendous costs were getting out of line, and the plane was not reaching goals. It was approaching close to $1 billion, and there was talk of stopping production. That was considered, but the cost was not the major factor. The major factor was that parts of the plane were built in 45 states. Work on that one.

Dwight Eisenhower was correct when he warned in his farewell address, “We must guard against … the military-industrial complex.”

Tom Brazier


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