I am a mother and a volunteer with the Maine chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. I write today with great appreciation for the leadership of Rep. Charlotte Warren, D-Hallowell, to oppose L.D. 652, the permitless carry bill.

I know that with rights come responsibilities, and the right to carry a firearm is not excluded from this. Concealed-carry should be limited to adults with clean criminal records who have had at least basic gun safety training. L.D. 652, which removes the training requirement for residents before they carry a loaded and hidden firearm in public gives Maine residents the message that training and education for safe handling of a firearm is not important. That’s just not good for public safety. Maine Police Chiefs, Maine Gun Owners Association and moms across Maine agree that this bill is dangerous.

On behalf of the Maine chapter of Moms Demand Action, I thank the numerous legislators who voted no on L.D. 652, for putting the safety of my child and my community first. Maine moms will remember their efforts.

Lila Solomon


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