The main artery heading into Augusta from Winthrop has been a dangerous stretch of road for as long as I can remember. I’ve traveled that section for more than 20 years.

In the morning, traffic heading into Augusta backs up from Hope Baptist Church as vehicles try to converge from two lanes into one going up Pelton Hill.

One thing I have witnessed: For two weeks every year, the rising sun blinds motorists heading intown, especially when they go up a hill. Nothing can be done about that during that time in the morning.

That said, however, I would think that the engineers deciding about making over that stretch of road would scrap the idea of making it a one-lane road with a turning lane in the center. My suggestion is to continue the road construction that was just completed right up Pelton Hill to the traffic light in Manchester. That way, the entire stretch of Route 202 would be consistent and motorists would not be surprised as they try to merge from two lanes to one, then back to two lanes.

Many out-of-state drivers visit our area, and they likewise need consistency. There is certainly space on each side of Pelton Hill to widen the road and it is better to do it right one time rather twice, especially with that much traffic.

This suggestion also applies to folks driving west in the evening, since the same natural conditions happen with the sun in the driver’s eyes. Traffic flow and weather conditions play a huge role in the safety of all, so I suggest that the Department of transportation take a long, hard look at what is best as the result.

Debbie Sherman


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