Maine is leading the way with one of the most important political issues in decades: getting big money out of politics.

This November, a referendum will be on the ballot that will reform Maine’s campaign finance system, increase transparency and limit the influence that big money has on politicians. Our representatives should be accountable to us, not wealthy campaign donors and special interests.

Inaction by lawmakers and misguided Supreme Court rulings have tilt the political playing field in favor of the wealthy and well-connected. Now is the time for Mainers to stand up and reform our campaign finance system so we can elevate the voice of everyday people in our political process.

This year’s referendum will do just that, by requiring special interest groups spending massive amounts of money to influence Maine’s elections to disclose their top donors on all political ads and mailers. It also will strengthen Maine’s landmark Clean Elections system and increase fines and penalties for those who break our election laws.

Those who believe in a representative democracy should know that this referendum will give everyday people the chance to run a viable campaign, so that our Legislature truly represents the people of Maine.

More than 80,000 Mainers signed a petition to place this referendum on the ballot and restore every voice in our politics.


We are in position to defend that belief this November.

Our collective response will set the stage for campaign finance reform for the rest of the nation.

Cheryl Abruzzese


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