I am so sick and tired of this hate-crime stupidity. What is even worse is the hate for our law enforcement.

When we erode the power of our cops, we will have a huge problem, just like when we took away the power of our teachers to disipline our kids.

The biggest cop haters are the first ones to call 9-1-1. Do those people stay awake 24/7 guarding their homes? My guess is no. Our law and fire and EMTs have thankless jobs.

I have heard people say our firefighters should not have red lights and should not be allowed to speed. Well, I guess it was not their home firefighters were heading for. If they were one second late, people hate them. But when they put their life on the line and they are one second early, people should thank them.

Most of the jokes and disrespect comes from those who have no clue what it takes to try and save a life, nor what strength is required to take a life. A decision must be made in a split second — something most people will never realize. Thankfully.

Ed Morris


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