I, for one, am extremely tired of reading “retired journalist” M.D. Harmon’s columns in the newspaper. His paranoid “sky is falling” rhetoric is as tiresome as it is erroneous. His July 3 column, “By imposing same-sex marriage, court tramples on religious liberties,” is yet another sorry example. He doesn’t quite explain how the extension of civil rights such as voting or marital rights is “trampling on the religious” or other “liberties” of anyone else.

Allowing a new group such as 18-year-olds or African- or Native Americans to vote has not diminished my civil right to vote one iota. And allowing other people to marry won’t diminish mine or anyone else’s rights, either.

And before we allow people like Harmon to declare traditional marriage as holy and sacrosanct and unable to be changed, I’d like to remind him that it still has a quite a large failure and/or divorce rate problem (up to 50 percent, according to several sources) which does real damage to children and families.

Perhaps it’s past time to see how same-sex couples and their children do in this regard, and whether we can learn from them. Instead of mentioning this or the obvious deep love motivating any couple wanting to marry, Harmon alludes to no less a light than Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. He would rather change the structure of the Supreme Court then admit this change to marriage was both inevitable and correct.

Richard R. Tory


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