Effective help for addiction? Where?

Does anyone honestly think the people struggling with drug addiction and/or alcoholism, just woke up one day and decided they wanted to be an alcoholic or drug addict? I hardly think so. From doctors to lawyers, or people from Park Avenue to the park bench, addiction can affect anyone, anywhere.

And with so many rehab centers closing, and with few effective treatments available, more people likely will die from their ongoing and uncontrollable abuse. And crime rates will rising even higher because of the need to feed their addiction at any cost.

And don’t forget domestic violence, where 90 percent of people causing the violence are on drugs or alcohol and out of control. Without effective intervention, spouse and children eventually will suffer physical, emotional and mental abuse. The sad reality of abuse and addiction in the home is that the ones who pay the biggest price are the children.

Without more awareness of the problem nobody wants to address, that’s a huge cause of the crime, robberies, domestic violence and even death in our state. And it’s only getting worse with each passing day.

Gov. Paul LePage says he’s going to eradicate domestic violence and swore to it. Sorry, LePage it’s not happening. There’s more crime and violence now than ever before. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Do it for the children.

Todd Pooler


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